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Re: perl-5.18.2-1

Achim Gratz writes:
> First off, there is a flurry of changes in the content of perl_vendor
> that you didn't list in the announcement.  This is exactly my gripe with
> opaque bundling: anyone who's been relying on perl_vendor to deliver a
> certain set of Perl distributions will suddenly find that some have been
> removed and others have been added and the only way to find that out is
> to look into the source archive.

The residual changes would be a removal of Crypt-SSLeay and IPC-Cmd,
while IPC-Run, Test-NoWarnings and Test-Tester would still be supplied
by the build dependencies.  Unless someone has a strong opinion that
these two should be dropped, I'd continue to have them available.

Going forward I think this should provide a smooth transition:

1) ITA perl_vendor and provide an umbrella plus all dependencies for
perl-5.14.2.  I'd use current versions for these, not the original ones
from perl_vendor.

2) The re-builds and additional distributions for perl-5.18 will be
provided as test versions.

3) Coinciding with the perl-5.18.2 release, move everything from test to

4) Optional: obsolete the perl_vendor umbrella package.

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