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Re: two questions about new upload method

On Fri, Nov 29, 2013 at 12:27:17PM -0500, Andrew Schulman wrote:
>(1) Is there something I should sould be doing to tell upset which package
>versions are old and should be purged?

There was a long thread about how to delete packages in cygwin-apps.

It also went into November.

>I uploaded lftp, and the new
>version was added to the archive, but the old one (4.4.7-1) is still there.
>Do I need to add curr: and prev: lines to setup.hint?  Or will upset figure
>that out and remove the old versions at some point?
>(2) I uploaded the unison packages for x86_64 in subdirectories of
>because that's how they're organized in x86/release.  Will upset pick them
>up when they're organized that way?  I only ask because it's been about 18
>hours and they haven't appeared in any of the mirrors yet, although upset
>seems to be running every hour.

Guess I need to add a FAQ.

Q) Why aren't my files being transferred to the release area?  I've waited
several days and don't see any movement.

A) The package updater runs every 10 minutes so, if you don't see any movement
in, e.g., 20 minutes, then your package is not going to be updated.

The main reason that this could happen is if you uploaded a package that
you are not actually responsible for.  The updater only knows what you
are responsible for based on so if
you aren't listed as an owner there your packages won't be updated.

I added you as the owner for "unison" and "unison2.45".


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