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Re: Cygport and auto-manifestize compatibility manifest

On Nov 20 09:47, Charles Wilson wrote:
> On 11/20/2013 8:28 AM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >Apart from the fact that it would be nice if our linker would do this
> >automatically and transparently,
> Or libtool, if you use it to link your exe?  PTC...since
> $new-libtool is pretty high on my to-do list.
> It'd be better if there was an option to ld/gcc, of course -- but
> the details would be rather complicated.  You wouldn't want to
> invoke a separate executable like windres b/c then your build
> recipe/makefile would have to change.  Best if $LD_FLAGS could be
> used... maybe something hideously ugly like -w32-manifest-compat
> <file> [1] where <file> is not a full XML manifest, but rather
> contains a list of GUIDs [2], and ld/gcc autogenerates the manifest
> with just that stuff.
> That way, if you manually create a manifest (for other purposes),
> you could just /not/ use the new flag.

The other way around.  If your project does not link in a resource
anyway, which means that your project is WIn32 aware, then ld should
add the manifest resource by default.  Everything else means that
you have to tweak all project configury, which is only barely descibed
by a can of worms...

A simple windres call in cygport would be nice, but unfortunately windres
does not yet have this capability to add a resource to an existing exe.

> I know, SHTDI...

Yes, that's pretty much the problem.  Even my ugly workaround is bad,
because it only works on Windows.  No more cross-building on Linux :-P


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