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Re: [Bug] setup.exe

Corinna Vinschen writes:
>> If I remove the override for fopen, things are
>> working again, but I can't find how to specify "conout$" via a UNC path
>> and simply setting the string back to "conout$" in the attr structure in
>> gdb didn't work, either.
> It's impossible prior to Windows 8.  In the days before Windows 8, the
> console handle was always a fake handle, entirely handled within the
> Win32 kernel32.dll.  Each access to a console handle got redirected
> to calling a CrsXXX functions which calls CSRSS via LPC.  Windows 8
> finally introduced a native Console device called \Device\ConDrv so
> consoles became real OS objects.

Huh.  No wonder I didn't find anything.

> Having said that, this set_cout function is a real bummer.  The easiest
> way to fix this problem is to rename fopen to nt_fopen (analoge to
> nt_wfopen) and to change all explicit fopen calls to nt_fopen calls.
> I'll do that in a minute.

Thank you very much.

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