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Re: [ITA] sqlite3

On 11/15/2013 06:38, Warren Young wrote:
On 11/14/2013 12:27, Christopher Faylor wrote:

Jan, if you can send the information at the above link now, you'll be
GTG for uploading as soon as the package has been pronounced GTG by


I tested by unpacking the 3 main packages (exe, lib, and -devel), examining the file list, running the exe, and running svn to make sure it loaded the DLL correctly. I had to rebase on 32-bit, but that's probably not surprising since I did a manual install.

Jan, some nits to take care of in the next sqlite3.README file:

- It still mentions lemon3.exe.

- I wasn't the maintainer of all prior versions of Cygwin SQLite. I started with 3.5.8. I don't remember who the prior maintainer of the official Cygwin SQLite package was. From the port notes, I started from Yaakov's Cygwin Ports version, but it was someone else's package I was replacing in the official distro.

- Typo: "idential" -> "identical"

Also, when you post your cygwin-announce message, be sure to describe the new VFS switching mechanism. One of the READMEs should describe this Cygwin-specific environment variable in some detail, too.

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