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Re: Deleting old versions of packages

Christopher Faylor writes:
> In further consideration in the thinking room, two other ideas presented
> themselves:
> 1) Create files with a leading '-' character to flag deletion.

That should be workable and relatively painless on all sides.

> 2) Create a !deleteme directory containing files or directories that
> should be deleted.  (Although empty directories can be automatically
> detected and are not really an issue)

I like '-' prefixed files alongside the files to be uploaded better than
yet another directory hierarchy to traverse.  But if you think this is
easier to implement, I can adapt.

> I like either of these better than the zero-length file because it
> will be obvious from simple directory scanning when a file needs to
> be deleted.
> I'm thinking that the leading '-' is the easiest to implement since
> it is stateless.

It is still zero-sized though or do you envision to have these files
some content?

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