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Obsolete Packages in "Requires" Lines

Please excuse me if this is the wrong list for this topic.

Inspired by my experience with that EXCELLENT new package,
cygcheck-dep, I tried cleaning cruft in my installation of cygwin by
uninstalling packages in the _obsolete category.  Setup reported
that a number of them were required by other packages, including some
that weren't circularly dependent.

This suggested to me that perhaps there are packages whose "requires:"
lines need updating.  I put together a script to look for that.

Here is the script I used:

gawk '  /^@ /         { pkg = $2 }
        / _obsolete/  { print "\t" pkg "$" }
     ' ${SETUP} | \
sort -u \
> ob.tmp
gawk '  /^@ /         { pkg = $2 }
        /^requires: / { for (N = 2; N <= NF; N++) { print pkg "\t" $N } }
     ' ${SETUP} | \
sort -u | \
grep -f ob.tmp
rm ob.tmp

Here's what I found:

For 64 bit setup.ini:

libpoco-devel         libexpat1-devel
libwmf-devel          libexpat1-devel

For 32 bit setup.ini:

catdoc                tcltk
clang                 gcc4-core
clang                 gcc4-g++
gnupg                 minires
grub-fonts            grub
guile                 libguile12
libAfterImage0        libpng12
libAfterImage-devel   libpng12-devel
libautotrace-devel    libexpat1-devel
libfltk1.1            libpng12
libfltk1.1-gdi        libpng12
libgeotiff            libjpeg62
libgeotiff1           libjpeg62
libgeotiff1           libproj0
libGraphicsMagick3    libpng14
libgs8                libjpeg62
libicu-devel          gcc4-core
libicu-devel          gcc4-g++
libImageMagick1       libpng12
libjasper1.701_0      libjpeg62
libMagickCore5        libpng14
libmetalink-devel     libexpat1-devel
libneon-devel         libexpat1-devel
libplot2              libpng12
libplot-devel         libpng12-devel
libplotter2           libpng12
libplotter-devel      libpng12-devel
libpng14-devel        libpng14
libpoco-devel         libexpat1-devel
libproj-devel         libproj0
libslang2             libpng14
libtiff4              libjpeg62
libungif-devel        libungif4
libWINGs-devel        libexpat1-devel
libwmf-devel          libexpat1-devel
libxerces-c-devel     curl-devel
libxerces-c-devel     gcc4-g++
logiweb               gcc4
octave-devel          gcc4-fortran
octave-devel          libexpat1-devel
opengl                w32api
ploticus              libjpeg62
ploticus              libpng12
proj                  libproj0
qiv                   libpng14
singular-surf         libjpeg62
sng                   libpng12
xemacs                libjpeg62
xemacs                libpng12
XFree86-lib-compat    xorg-x11-base
xorg-x11-devel        xorg-x11-base

Best wishes,

- Barry
  Disclaimer: Statements made herein are not made on behalf of NIAID.

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