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Re: sunrpc patch that fixes nfs-server failure when reading files of specific sizes

Il 11/4/2013 11:52 AM, George Prekas ha scritto:
Nfs-server occasionally fails when serving files of specific sizes. The Linux client reports an input/output error and the user has to umount and mount the NFS share in order to continue using it.

The problem happens when the file's size is: 8192*k + 3896 or 8192*k + 3896 + 3996 where k = 0,1,2,...

Example file sizes are: 3896, 7892, 12088, 16084

Sunrpc sends data in chunks and under some conditions it fails to recognize that it is sending the last chunk and does not set the corresponding flag (last fragment bit).

The procedure to apply the patch is the following:
* Download source packages nfs-server and sunrpc.
* Execute

George Prekas
Dipl. Electrical and Computer Engineer, National Technical University of Athens

Hi George,
unfortunately the nfs-server is without a package maintainer

Are you interested to take over ?
If so please look at


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