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Re: Missing 64 bit packages

On 05/08/2013 10:25, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> below's the latest list of packages yet mssing in the 64 bit distro.  It
> got a bit shorter, but there's still a lot of stuff missing.  I'll look
> into generating 64 bit packages for some of them as time permits, but it
> would be better if the real maintainer could do the job.
> There's also the problem of missing maintainers again.  Some of the
> names in the below list didn't show up for a long time.  Please guys, be
> so kind as to reply to this mail, so we can check if some packages are
> orphaned, or if you are just busy.

>   xmon

I do use this occasionally, so if Yaakov doesn't want this, I will adopt it.

> Jon Turney
>   xlaunch
>   xview

xlaunch is done.

There is no 64-bit version of xview.  It does not build correctly for x86_64.
 It appears there were some efforts towards fixing this, but they were not
completed and/or gave up in disgust since apparently fixing things will
probably require fixing all xview clients as well ([1] has some of the hideous


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