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Re: [64bit] openldap compilation doesn't produce shared libraries

>>>>> Yaakov  writes:

    > On 2013-06-10 07:46, Dr. Volker Zell wrote:
    >> I think the stack trace translates to the following:
    >> Stack trace:
    >> Frame        Function    Args
    >> ber_get_stringbvl
    >> /usr/src/debug/openldap-2.4.35-1/libraries/liblber/decode.c:414
    >> ber_scanf
    >> /usr/src/debug/openldap-2.4.35-1/libraries/liblber/decode.c:790
    >> ldap_get_attribute_ber
    >> /usr/src/debug/openldap-2.4.35-1/libraries/libldap/getattr.c:132
    >> print_entry
    >> /usr/src/debug/openldap-2.4.35-1/clients/tools/ldapsearch.c:1634
    >> main
    >> /usr/src/debug/openldap-2.4.35-1/clients/tools/ldapsearch.c:1222
    >> The offending code line
    >> case BvOff:
    >> = (char *) b->result + b->off;
    >> ((struct berval *) ( + tot_size))->bv_val = NULL;   <- line 414
    >> tot_size = 0;
    >> break;

    > That is where it is crashing, but after some debugging, AFAICS the real culprit
    > is the call to ber_scanf() in ldap_get_attribute_ber(). Presumably because this
    > is a varargs function, the compiler wasn't able to handle the necessary type
    > promotion automatically (ber_len_t is an unsigned long); so b->off was showing
    > here as 0x600000000, taking line 414 off to la-la land.  Patch attached and
    > pushed to Ports git.

Thanks for the patch. I will try the openldap 64bit testsuite on the

By the way is this something which should be send to upstream ? or is it
cygwin specific.
    > Yaakov


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