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Re: [64bit] binutils 2.23.52-4

On 2013-06-04 08:49, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
I have uploaded a new binutils 2.23.52-4 package to the 64 bit test

I have prepared a cygwin64-binutils.i686 with this patch to match.

But this recent (and unrelated) upstream change has caused libiberty.a not to be installed by default:

2013-05-31  Matt Burgess <matthew AT>

        PR other/56780
        * libiberty/ Move test for --enable-install-libiberty
        outside of the 'with_target_subdir' test so that it actually gets
        run.  Add output messages to show the test result.
        * libiberty/configure: Regenerate.
        * libiberty/ (install_to_libdir): Place the
        installation of the libiberty library in the same guard as that
        used for the headers to prevent it being installed unless
        requested via --enable-install-libiberty.

It seems this was done to stop the host-libiberty from being installed with gcc, but libbfd still requires symbols provided thereby, so the lack of libiberty breaks the build of dumper.exe. I believe this needs to be fixed in the toplevel configury, and have added a comment to that effect to the PR, but in the meantime, binutils (both i686 and x86_64) will need to be configured with --enable-install-libiberty.


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