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Re: [mosh-devel] Please test Mosh 1.2.4 release candidate

[initially crosspost'ed to mosh-devel]

On 03/12/2013 01:07 PM, Christoph von Stuckrad wrote:
> On 11.03.2013 03:35, Keith Winstein wrote:
> ...
>> Testers on the BSDs, Cygwin, and Solaris/AIX are especially helpful.
> OK, so here is my (very short, WORKING)
> test on 'current' Cygwin (on WinXP):

Your tests are very appreciated.
My cygwin vm's are pretty slow and I'm very busy with other projects.
Do you want to take over cygwin package maintenance from me?
Just check out the cygports file, remove the cxx and src patch and
checks the deps.

$ cat mosh-
# -*- sh -*-
DESCRIPTION="Mobile Shell"

You can add your test results to your release announcement.
In my tests I can connect from cygwin to other mosh servers,
but not yet from debian to mosh on cygwin. (firewall off)
I'm investigating...xx

Also big thanks to Anton Lundin for the IO::Pty fix. Very much appreciated.

>>                  * Support port ranges with -p LOWPORT:HIGHPORT (Luke Mewburn)
> not tested - did not want to mess with the firewalls between home(DSL)
> and workplace ...
>>                  * Ctrl-^ Ctrl-Z suspends mosh client (Nikolai Zeldovich)
> works in Cygwin too (but may be dangerous, because 'kills' work
> different from normal UNIX under Cygwin and might collaterally
> kill mosh(s) running on the same window.
>>                  * mm:ss display of lost-contact times (Kevin Ballard)
>>                  * Show infobar with control chars when Ctrl-^ is typed
> both work of course
>>                  * Put terminal in altscreen mode (Anders Kaseorg)
> THIS did NOT work on 'Cygwin MinTTY' with mosh (while the same program
> /usr/games/worms on a ssh-connection did switch screen back!)
> Do you need more Infos? Shall I test something explicitely?
> Yours   Stucki

Reini Urban

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