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Re: Maintainers please weigh in on 64-bit Cygwin

On 17/03/13 17:45, Christopher Faylor wrote:
If we could (this is just pie-in-the-sky speculating) drum up funding
for a 64-bit version of Windows would you be willing to install it?

I'm just in the throws of putting together a new PC right now - a big Fedora 18 / Win7 / WinXP multiboot. Sadly, the OEM copy of Win7 Pro I was supplied with is 32-bit only (even though the processor is 64-bit). I could switch to 64-bit Win7, but I'd need to buy a licence quite quickly.

So, if you need me to install a 64-bit version of Win7 then I would need to know in the next few days before I get too far into this project.

Your offer to drum up funding is very kind, but it may present more problems than it solves. For instance, I don't know if I would have to declare it for tax purposes. Also, Cygwin maintainers are on different continents, and I don't know if that would give us a problem with import / export restrictions. IANAL. That said, depending on how many maintainers need 64-bit licences, there may be some economies of scale. However, for my timescales, I'll probably just bite the bullet and buy one myself - but please let me know soon.



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