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Re: a.out.h for 64-bit Cygwin?

On Mar  9 22:43, Ken Brown wrote:
> It may be too soon to expect this to work, but I'm trying to build
> emacs for 64-bit Cygwin.  Part of the build process involves direct
> manipulation of a .exe file, based on the structures defined in
> /usr/include/a.out.h.  I'm wondering whether this file needs to be
> updated before it will work with 64-bit .exe files.

Yes, absolutely!

It's not very tricky.  AFAIK only a single header part is different, the
one called IMAGE_OPTIONAL_HEADER in MSDN.  Given the age of a.out.h,
there are also a couple of defines missing, all of them are documented
in MSDN and available in the Mingw headers.  Patches most welcome.  

> I'm appending below some excerpts from the code that produce lots of
> assertion failures when I try to build emacs.  Suggestions for
> fixing this would be appreciated.
> I can give more details, but I thought I'd start by just making sure
> I have a reasonable a.out.h to work with.  Also, I suspect that some
> of the magic numbers in the code below need to be changed.

Yep. The file_header.f_magic is 0x8664 (aka IMAGE_FILE_MACHINE_AMD64) on
64 bit, rather than 0x014c (aka IMAGE_FILE_MACHINE_I386).
file_optional_header.magic is 0x20b (IMAGE_NT_OPTIONAL_HDR64_MAGIC)
rather than 0x10b (IMAGE_NT_OPTIONAL_HDR32_MAGIC).  Didn't check for the
other values, but they are all documented and should be straightforward
if they have to be changed at all, see


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