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LICENSE: base-files and use of CC0

According to:

    git clone git:// base-files.git

May files are put out using CC0 license[1]. I'm wondering this as it is to
my understanding recommended only for data (images, pure data files,
databases etc.), or for code snippets that accompany documentation (e.g.
code presented in manual).

The base-files are infrastructure in Cygwin, so wouldn't using MIT, BSD,
GPL or similar license work better for standard code? FSF[2] and OSI[3]
recommend to select some known license for software projects.


[2] => topic "Software"
[3] After review, not approved by OSI. See threads published
    "At this time, we do not recommend releasing software using the the CC0
    public domain dedication."
    "We recommend that you always apply an approved Open Source license to
    software you are releasing, rather than try to waive copyright
    altogether. Using a clear, recognized Open Source license actually
    makes it easier for others to know that your software meets the Open
    Source Definition. It also enables the protection of attribution, and
    various other non-restrictive rights, that cannot be reliably enforced
    when there is no license."

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