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ITP: apngtools setup.hint (Was: ITP waiting list)

2012-10-20 22:51 marco atzeri
| On 10/20/2012 3:56 PM, Jari Aalto wrote:
| >
| > If you have some free time, here is list of ITPs that would need checking:
| >
| > gif2apng      
| > apngopt       
| > apngdis       
| > apngasm       
| have we mentioned that will be better a single apng tools package ?

The compilations can be handled through metapackages that depend on
individual packages[*]. See Ubuntu etc.

After RFU'ing these, we can upload:

wget --recursive --no-host-directories --cut-dirs=3 \ \


[*] Each project has its own release schedule, project page, issue trackers
etc. Metapackages are designed for making collections of utilities.

[ setup.hint ]

sdesc: "Animated PNG image (APNG) tools"
ldesc: "Collection of utilities: apng2gif (convert), apngasm (assemble
APNG from individual PNG images), apngdis (dissamble APNG to
individual PNG files), apngopt (optimize APNG by reducing size),
gif2apng (convert anmatef GIF to APNG)"
category: Graphics
requires: apng2gif, apngasm, apngdis, apngopt, gif2apng

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