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Re: ITP: cscope -- Interactively examine a C program source

Hi Corinna,

mlcscope does provide some differences - it was designed to be multi-lingual rather than assume C style parsing rules and a few menus were different.

Unfortunately it never evolved beyond the initial implementation and I doubt that anyone would notice.

Normally, yes creating a package dependency and a link from mlcscope to cscope would be a good idea and I would encourage that. I must admit though, I don't actually know of anyone using mlcscope so I'm not sure it will actually help anyone. I'd love to be proven wrong - perhaps it was wildly popular and I didn't know it ;-) If you think its worth continuing on this path to be safe, I'll be happy to help.


On 10/15/2012 3:18 AM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
Hi Dave,
Hi Jari,

On Oct 14 13:56, Dave And Diane wrote:
Effectively yes. I'm cool with mlcscope being removed from the
package list when cscope appears.
Three followup questions:

- Does mlcscope provide functionality cscode doesn't?  That might
   be a point in favor of keeping it alive, unless you think it's
   not that important.

- If we obsolete mlcscope, would it make sense to create a new, empty
   mlcscope package which "requires" cscope so that cscope is automatically
   replacing mlcscope in existing installations?

- If so, would it also make sense if the cscope package creates a
   mlcscope symlink -> cscope to help people along which use mlcsope in
   scripts (if that makes any sense at all??

Thanks, Corinna


Diane & Dave
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