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Re: upload protocol

On 10/10/12 10:31, Warren Young wrote:
As it happens, I think this sort of gun-jumping happened with the Doxygen 1.8.0-1 packages. I gave a GTG with reservations to the ITP, several days ago. David said in the thread he was off working on addressing some of those reservations, but then yesterday Corinna uploaded from the ITP message.

I'm not regretting my GTG. I thought the packages were at least no worse than my 1.7.4-1 packages that David's packages replace. But, I think David was expecting a second chance before sending the RFU.

Yes, I was a little surprised when my doxygen package was uploaded! I had made the changes that Warren suggested, and I sent another [ITP] message last Thursday (4 Oct 2012):

As a newbie, I didn't know whether to wait for more comments, or to submit a [RFU] (as I'd been given a GTG) - maybe someone would be kind enough to clarify this. But before either could happen, the package got uploaded anyway! But to repeat: the package that was uploaded included the suggestions that Warren made.



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