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Re: [RFC] Incremental autorebase

If you're still following, I've uploaded the latest version of the
incremental rebase script:

wget $cygwin/release/_incautorebase/_incautorebase-00001-8-src.tar.bz2
wget $cygwin/release/_incautorebase/_incautorebase-00001-8.tar.bz2

There is now a short usage / help section displayed if rebaselst is
invoked with no arguments (or -h / --help).  Also, packages can now be
deleted without having to do a full rebuild of the cache files.  I've
managed to use builtins instead of externals in some more places which
generally helps to speed up things.  There are one or two things I'd
like to add before I consider it feature-complete (a manpage would be
nice).  I'd appreciate if someone with some more experience in shell
scripting would have a look and critique what's been written so far.
Some of the things that allow to use builtins look a bit too hacky to me
and maybe there's a better way to get the same result that I#m just not
aware of.

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