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Re: cygport: check setup.hint?

On 2012-07-18 06:53, Ken Brown wrote:
When I build a package using cygport, I sometimes forget to run
cygport's "dep" command to make sure my setup.hint is up to date.  I
think it would be useful for cygport to do this as part of its packaging
step.  It could print out a list of dependencies or, better, print a
warning if there are dependencies that are not listed in any of the
setup.hint files.

I'm actually working on setup.hint generation in cygport, which would work by defining [PKG_]CATEGORY, [PKG_]REQUIRES, [PKG_]SUMMARY, and [PKG_]DESCRIPTION variables in the .cygport file itself, rather than having to maintain a set of files for each package. The next natural, albeit more difficult, step would be for cygport to automatically generate the requires for each (sub)package based on the algorithm used in "cygport deps", similar to what rpmbuild does for binary packages. Of course, non-binary deps (e.g. commands called in scripts, or by fork(), etc.) would still have to be explicitly defined.

Consider it on my todo list, but no guarantees as to when I'll get to it.


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