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cygport of mtasc action script compiler

As it appeared that cygports did not have a package, and since
motiontwin cvs server was dead, it was decided that I write up a quick
and dirty cygport file for myself to use.
Feel free to use it or abuse it, as I do not have a server running
24/7, nor a shell account, so someone else would need to maintain it.
Don't know where it goes, but hopefully google will cache it somehow
so it can keep floating on the net.

To use :
 cygport mtasc-1.15-1.cygport download prep compile install
and the setup.hint file, if anyone cares.
# comment
sdesc: "The Mtasc action script compiler"
ldesc: "The Mtasc action script compiler.
Used to compile swf files.
This is built from the sourceforge community fork version.
Package updated as motiontwin cvs server no longer functions,
and code from the google code svn repository is missing files."
category: Devel Interpreters
requires: ocaml

$ cat mtasc-enablenative.patch
--- old/ocaml/mtasc/doc/      2012-07-16 13:12:31.995546900 -1200
+++ new/ocaml/mtasc/doc/      2012-07-16 13:12:45.284598100 -1200
@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@
 (* ----- BEGIN CONFIGURATION ---- *)

 let zlib = match Sys.os_type with "Win32" -> "zlib.lib" | _ -> "-lz"
-let bytecode = true
+let bytecode = false
 let native = true

 (* ------ END CONFIGURATION ----- *)

$ cat mtasc-1.15-1.cygport
DESCRIPTION="The Mtasc action script compiler"

src_compile() {
  cd ${S}
  cd ..
  ocaml ocaml/mtasc/doc/

src_install() {
  cd ${S}
  insinto /usr/lib/${PN}
  doins ${S}/mtasc/{*ml,*cmi,*cmx,*.o,*mll,LICENSE}
  cp -r ${S}/mtasc/{std,std8,std9}/ ${D}/usr/lib/${PN}/
  newbin ${S}/../bin/mtasc.exe mtasc-${PV}.exe
  # Hopefully someone who is clever then me can fix this mess up...
relocation option won't work for now.
  touch  ${T}/
  echo "#!/bin/sh" > ${T}/
  #echo "mtasc-${PV} -cp ${D}/usr/lib/${PN}/std/ -cp
${D}/usr/lib/${PN}/std8/ -cp ${D}/usr/lib/${PN}/std9/ \"\$@\"" >>
  echo "mtasc-${PV} -cp /usr/lib/${PN}/std/ -cp /usr/lib/${PN}/std8/
-cp /usr/lib/${PN}/std9/ \"\$@\"" >> ${T}/
  newbin ${T}/ mtasc
  dodoc ${S}/mtasc/doc/*


Attachment: mtasc-1.15-1.cygport
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Attachment: mtasc-enablenative.patch
Description: Binary data

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