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Re: [Patch] Rebase: new switch --oblivious

Jason Tishler writes:
> Sorry for the delay, but I was AFK...

No worries...

> I'm not enamored with the option name, but I can't think of another one
> given the lack of available option letters.

Well, I'm oblivious to the naming of the option, I just need the
functionality.  If anybody has a better idea, I'll just change the name
again.  :-)

>> I've also made a small change to the build script and Makefile so
>> that it makes the source package together with the binary one.
> Can you tweak your change to always build the source package for make
> dist?

You mean by building 'srcdist' as a dependency of 'dist'?  Or do you
mean something different?  Note that calling 'make srcdist' doesn't know
the package port number and will leave it off (you can specify it on the
command line like does or as an environment variable).

> Additionally, please call the release 4.3.0 (not 4.2.1), since this is
> more than a patch to 4.2.

Will do.  Might need a day or two.

>  You are also encouraged to generate your
> patches against CVS:

Unless there are pending changes made after the 4.2.0 release the patch
should apply cleanly.  I have just imported the CVS repo into Git, I'll
still have to check that the result is sane.  Is it OK if I create a
patch series from 'git-format-patch' or do you need a different patch
format?  I know next to nothing of CVS, other than that it exists...

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