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Re: [Patch] Rebase: new switch --ephemeral

Christopher Faylor writes:
> I don't think any native English speaker would use "ephemeral" as a
> switch name.  I'll bet a significant number of native English speakers
> don't even know what it means.

How many of those are compiling their own Cygwin packages?

> And, I said "something like" not "you must use exactly what I said".  I
> don't want to get in naming wars but, again, if you want people to
> actually know about and remember this option you need to use another
> name.

Fair enough.  I've looked up all the synonyms to "ephemeral" and there
is none that makes a good switch name, IMHO.  But I think this impasse
can be circumvented.  The switch "ephemeral" gets renamed to "temporary"
(short form "-t") and becomes a flag, like -s already is and does just
alter the behaviour of rebase and not asking for a file list (which
still needs to be given with "-T file list").  Incidentally that rather
elegantly resolves one objection from Corinna that the files given on
the command line were unaccounted for.  The invocation would then be:

rebase -stT file_list extra_file

Does this look more reasonable to you all?

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