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Re: [RFU] mingw-w64

On 7/2/2012 17:22, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> Hi Jon,
> On Jul  1 01:08, JonY wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Here are the new builds, please remove the oldest versions from each category, thanks.
> may I ask you a favor?  It would be really helpful if you could add
> a statement what versions exactly to remove, perhaps even in the form
> of an easy `rm' command.
> Otherwise the uploader has to figure this out one directory after the
> other, which is kind of arduous, given that almost all packages have
> another version number.


Will this suffice?

find mingw64-i686/mingw64-i686-gcc -name "*4.5.3-2*" | xargs rm
find mingw64-i686/mingw64-i686-binutils -name "*2.21.53-1*" | xargs rm
find mingw64-i686/mingw64-i686-headers -name "*svn4430-1*" | xargs rm
find mingw64-i686/mingw64-i686-runtime -name "*svn4430-1*" | xargs rm
find mingw64-x86_64/mingw64-x86_64-binutils -name "*2.21.53-1*" | xargs rm
find mingw64-x86_64/mingw64-x86_64-gcc -name "*4.5.3-2*" | xargs rm
find mingw64-x86_64/mingw64-x86_64-headers -name "*svn4430-1*" | xargs rm
find mingw64-x86_64/mingw64-x86_64-runtime -name "*svn4430-1*" | xargs rm

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