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Re: Opinions sought on TeX Live packaging

On 30 June 2012 23:38, Ken Brown wrote:
> TeX Live upstream has thousands of packages, grouped into "collections".
> Cygwin's TeX Live distribution, as originally packaged by Yaakov, has one
> texlive-collection-* package for each upstream collection.  I've just
> discovered that about 1800 of the upstream packages, falling into about 40
> collections, have documentation that is currently not included in the Cygwin
> packages.  I don't know if this was on oversight on Yaakov's part or a
> deliberate decision to omit most of the documentation.
> In any case, I think that the documentation is an integral part of TeX Live
> and needs to be part of the Cygwin distribution.  If I simply add it to the
> texlive-collection-* packages, however, some of them drastically increase in
> size.  For example, the installation tarball for texlive-collection-latex
> would increase from about 1MB to about 40MB. And for
> texlive-collection-latexextra it would increase from under 10MB to over
> 300MB.

Out of curiosity: what makes the documentation that outragreously big?
Is it provided in every format known to mankind?


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