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Re: libpcre-devel: no .a files

Op 14-5-2012 8:12, Yaakov (Cygwin/X) schreef:

On 2012-05-12 03:03, A.R. Burgers wrote:
this package has the .dll.a files but not the .a files:
I checked the libpcre build from source, the .a files are built,
but apparently they are not included in the devel package.

No, they are not built at all:

in the source package from the pcre web site which I used, they are built by default, I didn't realize the source packages uses --disable-static, thanks for the pointer.

I would like to ask the maintainer to include them in a next

You'll have to give me a *really* good reason why you absolutely must static libraries.

well, I like to make static builds, so I can distribute just the .exe and the cygwin1.dll, without having to think about the dll's to include. I think the choice of linking with either .dll.a or .a is quite elegant, and works well.

If there would have been a poll on this topic, I would have voted in favor of keeping the .a files.


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