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Re: cygport: Adding arbitrary files to the src package

On 5/7/2012 2:27 PM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
Hi Marko,

The problem is, the file is generated during the build. Nevertheless it's not supposed to be part of the binary package but part of the source package. As far as I can see, if I add it to SRC_URI or PATCH_URI, cygport will try to unpack or apply it as patch during the prep stage, but the file won't exist at the time...

Hi Corinna,
I am not sure to have understood your case: a version of the file should be available before the build or not ?

If you need to add the file on the source tree before the build, the PATCH_URI allow to define a new file, but if you update the file during the build and you need to save the new file in the new source package foo-3.4.5-1.src.patch is the right tool, as
the new foo-3.4.1.src.patch in patch and spkg directory will
be different from the original foo-3.4.5-1.src.patch and the new version will be packed in foo3.4.5-1-src.tar.bz2 .

If the file is not needed before the build why do you need to save it on the source package ?


I am a bit confused...


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