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Re: Can I help with missing Cygwin man pages?

On 3/26/2012 10:49 AM, Wayne Newberry wrote:
> I've noticed some scattered posts about missing Cygwin man pages.
> I'm willing to help, but I'm not sure what I would be getting into.
> I'm a technical writer, so I might need some help to get started and
> to understand how to proceed.
> Based on some advice, I've downloaded and extracted the
> man-pages-3.32-14.fc16.noarch RPM and I'm comparing the man2, man3,
> and man5 directories for Cygwin and this RPM.
> I believe that these directories are the appropriate places to start.
> What's the next step?
> Thanks,
> Wayne

I can help. Contact me by private email, and we'll work it out.

There are lots of problems with 'man' "pages", besides just
omissions; most especially page and section headers which foul up
'makewhatis', 'apropos', and 'whatis'. I have various tools that
identify and fix problems, as well as templates; and I'll be
happy to supply templates, and syntax (groff) editing.

To all,

How do we get upstream developers to fix their man pages, if we
supply the corrections? This seems especially difficult since a
variety of base formats are used, including:

* nroff/troff/man macros (groff)
* nroff/troff w/o man macros
* DocBook
* Other XML/XSLT-based formats
* "Standard" HTML/CSS
* "Standard" plain text
* ...


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