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Re: TeXworks and hunspell

On 3/24/2012 11:15 AM, Ken Brown wrote:
To complete the process of modernizing Cygwin's TeX programs, I am
thinking about ITPing TeXworks. I've built it using the .cygport file
from Ports. I have two questions for Yaakov.

1. The manual (which is supposed to be available from the Help menu)
doesn't get installed. Having never before built a package that uses
qmake, I'm not sure how to make this happen. I see in the

manual.files = manual/*
manual.path = $$TW_HELPPATH

which I would think should take care of this, but it doesn't. Do you
know how to fix this?

This must have something to do with cygport, because the manual does get installed if I build outside of cygport via qmake-qt4, make, make install. But I have more important things to worry about first. I started trying to use texworks and found that I can reliably make the X server crash. Since texworks isn't in the distro yet, I'm not sure where to take this. Should I send the details to the Ports list?


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