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Re: cygport suggestion: src_postinstall

On 2012-03-12 15:37, Ken Brown wrote:

I have pushed this to cygport git master.

I think it's time for me to build some new texlive-collection-*
packages. I can't decide whether I should do all of them or just the
most important ones, those being:

(a) All of them that require fmtutil or updmap.

Updating at least one which requires updmap should suffice .

(b) All of them that users will get by default if they currently have
teTeX installed.

(c) All of them whose upstream package list has changed.

From tlpsrc SVN trunk:

basic: changes to ptex
doc-german: einfuehrung (DOC)
humanities: add bibleref-lds, bibleref-mouth
langcjk: add jfontmaps (ARCH), fonts-tlwg
langfrench: add droit-fr
langgerman: add hausarbeit-jura
langindic: remove itrans
latexextra: remove cookybooky and xcookybooky, add footnoterange, issuulinks, lmake, menukeys, sepfootnotes
luatex: add lua-visual-debug
publishers: remove dfgproposal, euproposal

And don't forget those whose packages have been updated; namely, inside your tlpsrc checkout, the result of:

curl -sL \
 | grep -E '(Feb|Mar)-2012' \
 | sed -e 's/.* href="\([^\.]*\)\..*".*/^depend \1$/g'| sort -u \
 | grep -v collection- | xargs -n 1 -I _ grep -l _ collection-*.tlpsrc \
 | sort -u

(If that shows nothing, try again to get a different mirror.)

As of this moment, this lists 26 collections needing updates, including the above; the rest shouldn't be necessary right now.

If I leave the remaining ones alone, their postinstall scripts will do
unnecessary work but (I think) are otherwise harmless. Do you have an

And I'll go ahead and ITP emacs-auctex once you've decided what you want
to do about __prepemacs.

This too has been pushed to cygport git master.


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