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Re: [ITP] tftp-hpa 5.0

Hi there!

Am 17.11.2010 06:32, schrieb Charles Wilson:
> On 11/15/2010 9:46 AM, Gernot Hillier wrote:
>> Some minor comments about /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/tftp.README:
>> * confuses config-tftpd with tftpd-config in (at least) two places
> Fixed.

Now, we miss a s/5.0-1/5.0-3/ in the README. ;-) Or will the version
number be reset upon final upload to Why -3? See below (IPv6
problems... :-( ).

And the first para of "Port Notes" is now obsolete since you added ipv6
and remap support.

Apart from that, the README got even better now, I really like it! Will
definitely help me to remember the privilege chaos background.

>>   Perhaps you could also add a hint that the user might want to
>>   change TFTPBOOT and args_value in the script before starting. Or
>>   perhaps you could even make it interactive?
> Well...I think that's an advanced topic -- especially as the package, as
> a *package*, assumes that /var/lib/tftpboot/ WILL be the directory
> containing the files to be served.

That's no problem any more. I just noticed the "--args" argument to
tftpd-config which is described and allows exactly what I needed. So you
already fixed this for me. :-)

> e.g. we already ensure that the directory is created, and included in
> the tarball.  If somebody wants to *modify* the installation *after*
> getting it running in its default mode, that's fine (e.g. by going to
> the Service Manager and modifying the args that way, for standalone; or
> editing /etc/inetd.d/tftp or /etc/xinetd.d/tftp).

Just for the sake of completeness: for standalone mode it's not that
easy as you can't change the cygrunsrv parameters in the Service Manager
- at least not for XP-64bit. So far, I found no easy way besides
removing and reinstalling the service. That's exactly why I decided to
instead modify tftpdir in tftpd-config.

> OK, I've uploaded my attempt at 5.0-2 here:
> In addition to the wording changes in the README and in the tftpd-config
> script, I've also enabled IPv6 and -m (remap) support.
> I suggest:
>   1) test the binary in IPv4 mode.  e.g. drop it in place of your
> current 5.0-1 tftpd.exe and make sure it still works with your inhouse
> IPv4 clients without any trouble.

Unfortunately, the IPv6 support breaks things for me. tftpd doesn't
start on my XP-64 box and says:

tftpd: PID xxxx: cannot open IPv6 socket, disable IPv6: Address family
   not support by protocol
tftpd: PID xxxx: Cannot set nonblock flag on socket: Bad file
tftpd: PID xxxx: `tftpd` service stopped, exit status: 71

Sounds we need an extra check in the sources.

If you don't have time, I can also have a look on this.

> Release schedule:
>   If you're happy with this, and confident that you can continue
> maintaining it from here out (don't worry; I'm not going to get hit by a
> bus -- but you'll be running point for tftp/tftpd) -- then we can plan
> the transition and rollout the new packages.
> We'll have to coordinate
>   a) uploading the tftp and the updated inetutils packages, and
>   b) sending the announcements of those two packages
> I'll need some time for (a) because I have to update inetutil's
> iu-config and syslog-config scripts; fortunately the major surgery --
> removing tftp/tftpd -- from inetutils is already done.

Sure, sounds pretty ok for me. As said, I can confirm that I'll be
maintaining the tftp package, but most likely, my response times will
continue to vary as in the last days - depending on my current workload.
But as I expect a rather limited amount of users needing tftp on Cygwin,
this should be ok... :-)


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