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Re: ITP: autobuild

On 09/20/2010 08:24 AM, Charles Wilson wrote:
On 9/20/2010 4:15 AM, Peter Rosin wrote:
But is it really a requirement? If you are referring to libtool commit
v2.2.10-92-g92d24b3, then that patch adds an /optional/ dependency on
autobuild. If you are a maintainer doing a release of libtool, it
probably is a requirement, but are you not simply building the released
version (perhaps with a few patches)? I know that I certainly have built
git libtool many times when working on it, and I do not have autobuild

cygport -- unless overridden -- always runs 'autoreconf' on a package. autoreconf runs aclocal, which means autobuild.m4 must be available; hence, *the way we routinely (re)build libtool*, autobuild is required.

No, if I understand Peter's comment correct, autobuild is NOT required for libtool, even with an autoreconf. Why? Because the original libtool patch at commit 92d24b3 made the use of AB_INIT optional - it only calls the macro _if_ autobuild.m4 could be found in the first place. When AB_INIT is not found, the only change is that the generated ./configure file no longer outputs magic strings that can be recognized by an autobuild daemon; missing strings merely makes it harder to submit build results to an autobuild daemon, but has no effect on how libtool itself behaves. Reduced configure output is not a build dependency; that would be the case only if the act of running autoreconf on libtool flat-out fails if autobuild was not present.

Furthermore, I just sent a patch to libtool that avoids the need to have autobuild installed in the first place:

So, I still think that providing autobuild as a cygwin package makes sense, but since I'm arguing that it is NOT a build requirement for libtool, it means we need a previous distro link or the full 5 votes. We're at 2 now; anyone else want to chime in?

Eric Blake    +1-801-349-2682
Libvirt virtualization library

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