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Re: ITP: autobuild

Hi Chuck,

Den 2010-09-19 21:58 skrev Charles Wilson:
> Autobuild is a package that process output from building software,
> primarily focused on packages using Autoconf  and Automake, and then
> generate a HTML summary file, containing links to each build log. The
> output include project name, version, build host types (cross compile
> aware), compiler host name, date of build, and indication of success or
> failure. The output is indexed in many ways to simplify browsing.
> autobuild is a build-time requirement of the upcoming libtool-2.4
> release (but not of packages that merely USE libtool, even if you
> autoreconf them).  I'm not sure whether it is included in any linux
> distributions or not; I get too many hits when searching for
> 'autobuild', I probably need some votes.  However, given that it is
> a new build requirement of libtool, I imagine that the distros will be
> forced to add it eventually.

But is it really a requirement? If you are referring to libtool commit
v2.2.10-92-g92d24b3, then that patch adds an /optional/ dependency on
autobuild. If you are a maintainer doing a release of libtool, it
probably is a requirement, but are you not simply building the released
version (perhaps with a few patches)? I know that I certainly have built
git libtool many times when working on it, and I do not have autobuild

That said, +1 if votes are needed.


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