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Re: [PATCH] inform user if any postinstall script failed to run

On 07/09/2010 10:45, Yaakov (Cygwin/X) wrote:
On Fri, 2010-08-27 at 18:15 +0100, Jon TURNEY wrote:
+  // Remove anything which we just tried to run (so we don't try
+  for (i = packages.begin (); i != packages.end (); ++i)
+    {
+       packagemeta&  pkg = **i;
+       for (std::vector<Script>::const_iterator j =
+            j != pkg.installed.scripts().end();
+            j++)
+         {
+           std::vector<Script>::iterator p = find(scripts.begin(),
scripts.end(), *j);
+           if (p != scripts.end())
+             {
+               scripts.erase(p);
+             }
+         }
+    }

This code does not compile with i686-pc-mingw32 gcc-4.5.1: In function âstd::string
do_postinstall_thread(HINSTANCE__*, HWND__*)â: error: no matching function for call to
âfind(std::vector<Script>::iterator, std::vector<Script>::iterator,
const Script&)â

Hmm... perhaps a '#include <algorithm>' is needed?

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