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ITA (sortof): sunrpc

sunrpc is orphaned. It provides libraries and headers for rpc routines,
utilities including rpcgen, documentation, and the portmap daemon.

The current version of sunrpc is 4.0-3, from 2005.

The proposed version, 4.0-4, has NOT been recompiled. It is simply a
repackaged version of 4.0-3, with some of the elements removed as they
are now provided by cygwin itself, or by newly ITP'ed replacement
packages such as 'libtirpc' and 'rpcgen'.

What remains is simply:


Eventually, portmap and rpcinfo will be replaced by the rpcbind package,
and 'sunrpc' can be completely retired. But until that happens, a tiny
bit of TLC is needed: hence, this "sortof" ITA.

category: Net
requires: rpcgen libtirpc libtirpc-devel
sdesc: "Sun RPC (ONC/RPC) utilities"
ldesc: "This distribution contains Sun Microsystem's implementation of
the RPC portmapper and other utilities. Also included are the RPC
service specification files, and demonstration services in the format
used by the RPC protocol compiler (rpcgen).

This package is 'almost' obsolete; most of the earlier contents (a
library providing XDR and RPC functions, the rpcgen utility, and other
documentation) have been supplanted by cygwin itself, or the new
'libtirpc' and 'rpcgen' pacakges. Eventually, this package will be
completely obsoleted, once the new 'rpcbind' package is completely
ported for cygwin."

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