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ITP: rpcgen

rpcgen is a tool that generates C code to implement an RPC protocol.
The input to rpcgen is a language similar to C known as RPC Language
(Remote Procedure Call Language).

rpcgen is currently provided by the (abandoned) sunrpc package.  Because
rpcgen is not included in the upstream source code for libtirpc nor
rpcbind -- the slated replacement packages for sunrpc -- a new
implementation and package for this tool is needed. This implementation
is derived from the eglibc SVN.

rpcgen is provided on all linux platforms, but the provenance varies.
eglibc is THE glibc used by the debian distributions, so they all have
the eglibc rpcgen implementation.

Technically, rpcgen requires /usr/bin/cpp, but I don't want to specify
an explicit requirement on gcc-core or gcc4-core, since either one will
do fine.  I'm guessing that this "missing" requirement won't, in
practice, bite very many people at all.

category: Net Devel
requires: libtirpc-devel libgcc1
sdesc: "An RPC protocol code generator"
ldesc: "rpcgen generates sources code for creating remote
procedure call servers and clients, from a protocol
specification. That is, it translates foo.x into foo.h,
foo_clnt.c, foo_svc.c, and foo_xdr.c.  This implementation
is derived from the libc/sunrpc/ code in eglibc."


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