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Re: NOTICE for all package maintainers with faulty post-install scripts

Am 12.08.2010 01:15, schrieb Christopher Faylor:
> Thanks to Jon Turney's recent patch we've discovered that many
> post-install packages were previously failing silently.  Now we know
> exactly which packages are failing because people are reporting them
> to the cygwin list.
> These need to be fixed and I implore you to make it a priority.
> Otherwise we're doing a disservice to our user community.
> I know we all lack tuits but I really hope that all of the affected
> packages will take time to fix their problems.  Just look at the cygwin
> mailing list (which you're all monitoring anyway) for errors and, if
> your package has an error, consider rolling a -N+1 release with a fix.

Oh, and please, no "add 'exit 0'" nonsense at the end of scripts, as I've just
seen fly by on cygwin@ [1] - this will make matters worse and hide the
now-noisy-and-formerly-silent failures more deeply in the system so that they're
even harder to find, report, and fix.

I also urgently seek those with upload privileges to refuse such "fixes".

[1] and references

Matthias Andree

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