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Re: [ITP] libelf

On 20/12/2009 13:56, Dave Korn wrote:
   libelf(*) is a requirement for supporting LTO in the upcoming GCC 4.5.0 (and
beyond), and I needed to build myself a local copy so I could test that, so I
figured I might as well package it properly while I was at it.

   It's shipped in all versions of Debian so I don't (aiui) need a vote, just a
second pair of eyeballs to verify I got the packaging and setup hints correct.

For your own convenience, I would strongly suggest 's/0.8.13/${PV}/g'; this will make it easier to deal with future version bumps without accidentally shipping a 0.8.14-1 which is really 0.8.13.

MAKEOPTS should not be used to add/increase parallel make. cygport automatically sets -j# based on the number of cores detected on the system; if you want a different value for yourself, set it in $HOME/.cygport.conf. OTOH, disabling parallel make for those packages that don't support is appropriate (MAKEOPTS+=" -j1").

Same goes for SIG; it is a per-user variable and should be set in $HOME/.cygport.conf.

Why do you pass --disable-compat? This prevents gelf.h and libelf.h from also being installed in $prefix/include, where some packages expect to find it (e.g. bug-buddy). Both Debian and Gentoo make these headers available there.

In the .src.patch, it looks like lib/libelf.def has a line ending issue; the only obvious difference is the removal of the LIBRARY token.

If you want, you can compare to my libelf package in Ports:


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