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Re: 1.7 installation failed (on network drive?)

On Dec 17 12:17, Thomas Wolff wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >On Dec 17 02:12, Thomas Wolff wrote:
> >>I took an extra drive to the lab this afternoon, with no good results.
> >>[...]
> >>mkdir:NtCreateFile -> 0
> >>  <\??\D:\cygwin17p\>
> >>filemanip:NtCreateFile -> 0
> >>  <\??\D:\cygwin17p\\setup-2.ini>
> >>mkdir:NtCreateFile -> C0000022
> >
> >This appears to be the actual start of the desaster.
> I guess I should have made clear that the trace of the filename
> comes *after* the trace of the status in my logs, sorry. So in this
> log, it's:
> mkdir:NtCreateFile -> C0000022
>  <\??\H:\cygwin17\etc\setup>

No, that was quite clear.  I just got out of sync when reading the log

> Anyway, this complies with the fact that's it's the network drive H:
> giving the problems, not D: which is a local drive.
> So I think I should apply all your instructions to
> H:\cygwin17\etc\setup, or to H:\cygwin17p in the reverse test case:
> mkdir:NtCreateFile -> C0000022
>  <\??\H:\cygwin17p>

Just keep everything as it is.  The problem is that you get a C0000022,
STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED.  I can only reprocude this if I really have no
right to create a directory.

Has the H:\cygwin17 directory been created at all?  If so, we should
examine the cacls for this dir just like the cacls for H:\ itself.


[...time passes...]

Hang on, there's another possible reason for STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED.
Mkdir_p calls NtCreateFile to create the directory with
rights.  Especially the last one could be a problem for a non-admin

Could you please try to replace STANDARD_RIGHTS_ALL with


If that works, we're done.  If that doesn't work, try


If that works, you will see failure log output from SetPosixPerms().

Either way, this might be the entire problem here.  If the first
expression works, we should be able to use it as is.  If only the
second expression works, we have to do some admin/non-admin conditional.


Corinna Vinschen                  Please, send mails regarding Cygwin to
Cygwin Project Co-Leader          cygwin AT cygwin DOT com
Red Hat

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