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Re: 1.7 installation failed (on network drive?)

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Dec 17 02:12, Thomas Wolff wrote:
I took an extra drive to the lab this afternoon, with no good results.
mkdir:NtCreateFile -> 0
filemanip:NtCreateFile -> 0
mkdir:NtCreateFile -> C0000022

This appears to be the actual start of the desaster.
I guess I should have made clear that the trace of the filename comes *after* the trace of the status in my logs, sorry. So in this log, it's:
mkdir:NtCreateFile -> C0000022
Anyway, this complies with the fact that's it's the network drive H: giving the problems, not D: which is a local drive.
So I think I should apply all your instructions to H:\cygwin17\etc\setup, or to H:\cygwin17p in the reverse test case:
mkdir:NtCreateFile -> C0000022

The problem is
that the above alone gives us no clue about the real reason for the
access denied error.
It's quite puzzeling that there's no log from NTSecurity::SetPosixPerms(),
so setting the permissions worked fine, apparently.
That's quite clear because after return status C0*22, SetPosixPerms will not be called as it is guarded by
if (NT_SUCCESS (status))

Maybe I'll be able to test again tomorrow.
What about the option to use mkdir (the normal one from libc) rather than NtCreateFile? I think there were some considerations about assigning backup flags but maybe that's not needed for directories?


Here's what we need next:

- Who are you (Windows user and primary group name)?

- Output of `cacls D:\'

- In GDB, set a breakpoint on mkdir_p and stop right at the point
  above, *before* NtCreateFile gets called.

- What are the permission bits given to the mkdir_p call above?

- Output of `cacls D:\cygwin17p' right before the NtCreateFile call.

- Output of
  `cacls D:\cygwin17p\'
  right after the NtCreateFile call but *before* the call to

- Output of
  `cacls D:\cygwin17p\'
  right after the nt_sec.SetPosixPerms() call.


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