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Re: 1.7 installation failed (on network drive?)

Corinna Vinschen schrieb:

On Dec 7 17:09, Thomas Wolff wrote:
I've tested the network installation with last Saturday's update of
setup-1.7.exe and unfortunately, the problem remains.
However, I can add a screen log after calling setup from mintty for
the case that setup cannot even store its log anywhere (attached).
Don't know if that helps. Apparently setup-1-7.exe cannot create
directories (including the top package directory) on that network
NFTS drive, although all other tools can easily create them.
Despite cgf's point this should not delay the 1.7.1 release, may I
suggest once more (and I'm not adding this to the "1.7.1 release
date" thread) that while the release is being delayed anyway due to
other discussions, we might as well try to resolve this. Personally,
I can do with a workaround; I'm just trying to help avoid trouble
with other users complaining after "the release"...

I just had another look into this and unfortunately I still can't reproduce it. What I see in your log output is the fact that ... hang on ...

io_stream_cygfile: fopen(/etc/setup/timestamp) failed 13 Permission denied
io_stream_cygfile: fopen(/var/run/utmp) failed 13 Permission denied
io_stream_cygfile: fopen(/etc/setup/alternatives.lst.gz) failed 13 Permission denied

So the fopen calls fail. fopen in setup is actually a call to nt_wfopen in If you could take a look, it's not a very complicated function. The general idea is to call NtCreateFile with FILE_OPEN_FOR_BACKUP_INTENT rights to allow an admin to install without permission trouble.

As you can see, the error handling (lines 466ff) is somewhat
oversimplified.  You get a "Permission denied" as a fallback error
if none of the path-related errors is triggered.  Unfortunately
we don't know the exact status code returned by NtCreateFile and
I have no real idea what the problem might be.

What we need is this: Build a debug version of setup (you need gcc-3
for that since the -mno-cygwin option is still used), start it under
GDB, and set a breakpoint to GDB will break there if
an error gets triggered. Examine what status codes are returned.
See /usr/include/w32api/ddk/ntstatus.h what status code that is.
OK; since setup is not a cygwin package, where would I get the sources in the first place? And is there a README telling me how to build a debug version (make debug?)?
Then I assume I'd use the gdb commands break and print (sorry, not familiar with gdb)?

In case I don't get it compiled, maybe you could prepare two debug versions (with/w/o the change below) and send them to me? I could take an extra trip to that lab tomorrow for testing.


That might give us some clue. The only vague idea what you could try
else is to remove the FILE_OPEN_REPARSE_POINT flag from the NtCreateFile
call and see if it works without that.

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