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Re: [UPLOAD] base-files 3.9-1

Hi John,

On Dec  5 19:17, John Morrison wrote:
> Change Log
> ----------
> 3.9-1
>     * Set LANG scripts in /etc/profile.d/
>       - Corinna Vinschen, Thomas Wolff, Christopher Faylor
>     * Unset TMP and TEMP in ~/.bashrc
>       - Angelo Graziosi, Robert Pendell, Ken Brown, Corinna Vinschen
> <>
> md5sum: 97b88867e26e36bc52d0ce890996b9d2
> Incase they're wanted...
> <>
> <>
> Thanks,
> J.
>     * Remove X11R6 from $PATH when there are no packages remaining
>       which require it - Angelo Graziosi
> If somebody can keep and eye on the packages and tell me when it's no
> longer required I'd appreciate it.
> PPS, Corinna you did the last modifications (3.8-4), which I think were

Really?  I don't remember.  Actually, base-files-3.8-3 and 3.8-4 seem
to be identical.

> just permission changes?  Could you please check that I duplicated them in
> my copy of the code base?  Thanks, appreciate it.

thanks for the package.  I just found one thing which is old stuff.
In /etc/postinstall/, please remove:

  CYGWIN="$CYGWIN check_case:relaxed"
  export CYGWIN

This is old 1.5 cruft.

And this you can remove as well:

  case "$OSNAME" in
    CYGWIN_NT*) WINETC="$WINHOME\\system32\\drivers\\etc" ;;
      echo "Unknown system type $OSNAME; exiting" >&2
      exit 0

Since we're no longer supporting 9x, you can simply set WINETC to


Corinna Vinschen                  Please, send mails regarding Cygwin to
Cygwin Project Co-Leader          cygwin AT cygwin DOT com
Red Hat

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