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Re: Mismatch [1.5] [1.7]: lzip-1.8-1

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According to Dave Korn on 11/28/2009 1:28 PM:
>   Yes, twice, and indeed as you and I both expected, the configure test for
> __wrap_Znaj only succeeds on 1.7, leading to different specs in the generated
> compilers, to name but one minor difference.  But unless I've misunderstood
> union-fs there's no problem uploading two different versions and putting an
> explicit one in the release-2 tree will just override the shadowing, won't it?

As long as 1.5 and 1.7 are released in parallel, there's no technical
problem with shadowing the same release number.  But when the 1.7 release
goes live, and someone uses setup.exe to upgrade their existing 1.5
environment over to 1.7, setup will notice that they already have -2
installed, not realize that it was the -2 built against 1.5, and therefore
not offer to upgrade to the 1.7 build of -2.  The user will have to
manually request a reinstall of the package to pick up the different
build.  But naming the 1.5 build -2 and the 1.7 build -3 will
automatically upgrade the user's installation when they upgrade to cygwin 1.7.

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