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Re: Updated terminfo and termcap definitions [Was: Re: 1.7.1 release date? (termcap)]

Charles Wilson wrote:
> Andy Koppe wrote:
>> 2009/11/21 Charles Wilson:
>>> 2) add (copy) aliases and term entries for terminals that were in the
>>> termcap-20050421-1 version of /etc/termcap, but are not represented in
>>> terminfo.  This is *probably* overkill, but for now I want to ensure
>>> that "if it was in the old /etc/termcap, it is in the new one".
>> You mean "pcansi-mono25" and stuff like that? I'd drop them. If
>> they're not in terminfo, very few things will work correctly anyway.
>> If they can't be dropped now, when can they?
> Here's the "extra" stuff that I'm currently adding to /etc/termcap,
> beyond the terminfo-derived items:
> other|generic, but neither dumb nor unknown:\
>         :am:gn:\
>         :co#80:\
>         :cl=^M^J:do=^J:ho=^M:
> arpanet|bussiplexer|dialup|ethernet|network|net|patch|plugboard|switch|network
> switch or dialup:\
>         :tc=unknown:
> pcansi-mono25|ibm-pc terminal programs with 25 lines (mono mode):\
>         :li#25:\
>         :tc=pcansi-m:
> pcansi-mono33|ibm-pc terminal programs with 33 lines (mono mode):\
>         :li#33:\
>         :tc=pcansi-m:
> pcansi-mono43|ibm-pc terminal programs with 43 lines (mono mode):\
>         :li#43:\
>         :tc=pcansi-m:
> linux-mono|Linux console, no color:\
>         :Co@:pa@:\
>         :AB@:Sb@:Sf@:tc=linux:
> Plus, aliases for the following;
> print    -> lpr
> printing -> lpr
> SC       -> screen
> SH       -> screen-s
> SB       -> screen-bce
> ansisys  -> ansi.sys
> ansi25   -> pcansi-25
> ansi33   -> pcansi-33
> ansi43   -> pcansi-43
> ansi-pc-color -> klone+color
> All of the items on the left were in the original /etc/termcap, but are
> not/have not been in terminfo for ages.  I'm perfectly happy to remove
> all or some of them.  cgf, any thoughts since termcap was your package
> previously?

FWIW, I removed these entities from the latest rev of /etc/termcap.
This is noted in the =announce messages.


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