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Re: 1.7 installation failed (on network drive?)

On Nov 25 18:30, Dave Korn wrote:
> Thomas Wolff wrote:
> > ext Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >> Are you sure the share permissions are sufficient?  In contrast to the
> >> 1.5 setup, the 1.7 setup tries to create files and directories with
> >> explicit ACLs.
> > On the H: drive, I have "full access" according to the Windows
> > properties dialog.
> > On the T: drive, I don't, but I have read and write permissions of
> > course. However, missing rights to modify ACLs might indeed by the issue
> > here.
>   100%.

> > In usual *nix terms, however, I have sufficient rights to do anything I
> > need, so I think setup.exe might want to be more fault-tolerant here
> > (and issue more precise error hints), esp. if setting ACLs fails.
>   Need better error handling, it should fall back to whatever it does on FAT
> systems.

The files and directories are created with default ACLs.  The POSIX-like
permissions are set afterwards.  It does not matter to setup if setting
the POSIX-like permissions fails.  However, if anything didn't work in
there, you should see this in the setup log.


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