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Re: 1.7 installation failed (on network drive?)

ext Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Nov 24 18:21, Thomas Wolff wrote:
I tried this installation to a network drive on one machine again
with last week's new setup.exe, which didn't solve the problem as
Corinna had assumed, but with more detailed test results:
The machine runs Windows XP Professional, drvies H: and T: are
normal Windows mounts or NFTS network drives.
I started setup-1.7.exe from a command line after explicitly
clearing PATH completely.

1. attempt, root dir T:\cygwin17, package dir H:\cygwin17:
Could not change dir to H:\cygwin17: Das System kann die
angegebene Datei nicht finden.

Abbrechen Wiederholen Ignorieren ---------------------------
which - by the way - suggests the recent fix about mkdir was not
complete - at least the package directory still had to be created

I can't reproduce this. I tried with shares on Samba, with shares on a remote NTFS on a machine in the same AD domain, and with shares on a remote machine which is not member of the domain. In all three cases I could install Cygwin from scratch just fine, using the latest setup-1.7.exe.

Are you sure the share permissions are sufficient?  In contrast to the
1.5 setup, the 1.7 setup tries to create files and directories with
explicit ACLs.
On the H: drive, I have "full access" according to the Windows properties dialog.
On the T: drive, I don't, but I have read and write permissions of course. However, missing rights to modify ACLs might indeed by the issue here.
In usual *nix terms, however, I have sufficient rights to do anything I need, so I think setup.exe might want to be more fault-tolerant here (and issue more precise error hints), esp. if setting ACLs fails.

Now I guess that would explain/solve the "Unable to extract /etc/ -- the file is in use." but not the "Can't open H:\cygwin17/ for writing: No such file or directory" because it's full access on that drive.
I should also try the other way, using the respective other network drive for root dir / package dir, sorry I didn't try that before.

Also, since I am not really familiar with the Windows security stuff, any diagnostic hints might help, like where to look at (so I can take some screenshots), what tools to use to check rights, or maybe even a debug version of setup.exe.


  I assumed that this could make problems, but in my case
it just doesn't make any.  When I created the shares, I just made sure
that the share permissions were sufficient.


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