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Re: R: [ITP] talkfilters-3.8.1-1

On 11/10/2009 17:38, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Nov 9 21:01, JonY wrote:
On 11/9/2009 16:45, Marco Atzeri wrote:
--- Sab 7/11/09, JonY ha scritto:


This utility transforms English text into stereotyped

The files are under<>.
Unfortunately, its not browsable, here is the file list.
sorry about that, here is the wget'able list. Attached is the list of
files for wget -i, in case the inline list gets mangled.

A few comments:

You didn't say in which stable Linux distro this package is available.
Without that info, your package needs five votes from other maintainers.

Packaging looks good.  I'm just wondering why all the executables are
linked statically against libtalkfilters, rather than being linked
against cygtalkfilters-1.dll.  Don't eat your own dog food? ;)



I did not see it on the Debian side of things, so I thought there weren't any, but searching deeper shows some RPMs available on, I'm not sure if they're third party RPMs, or part of the official distro repositories.

For Slackware: <>

The dll is made up of all the objects that forms the individual filter executables.

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