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Re: 1.7 installation failed (on network drive?)

Dave Korn wrote:
Thomas Wolff wrote:
I wanted to install 1.7 on another machine, target directory H:\cygwin, but it failed with the attached error.

Handy hint for next time: Did you know you can copy and paste most windows
popup error dialogs? Just press Ctrl+C while the dialog is selected, and then
when you paste it into your text file you'll see something like:
Didn't know, thanks; I always thought it was an annoyance you can't select with the mouse there.

  As to your actual problem, dunno.  I think it ought to work but maybe you
had a transient network failure?
No, tried several times, different days. Drive access OK otherwise.

What happens if you try manually to create a
file of that name and path? What kind of network drive is it anyway?

Normal Windows mount of an NTFS drive. Windows is XP Prof.
So I tried to create the dir with quite weird results:
In one case, I got some kind of "permission denied" error, in another the dir. was created but all "%" followed by a single letter were left out, like:
instead of the usual

Obviously there was a confusion between cygwin mkdir and Windows mkdir, and Windows .bat file handling calling mkdir, since "%..." is the DOS/Windows variable syntax. But that should not occur from within setup.exe, unless it would call an external mkdir program for whatever reason.

By the way, installation to a local drive worked on that machine, it's a mystery.

This reminds me of another weird effect I had on another machine (XP Home):
While running setup.exe (1.7) there, around the end of installing a package, the following directories are created:
/E/cygwin/%SystemDrive%/Dokumente und Einstellungen/towo/Anwendungsdaten/Microsoft/SystemCertificates/My/Certificates
/E/cygwin/%SystemDrive%/Dokumente und Einstellungen/towo/Anwendungsdaten/Microsoft/SystemCertificates/My/CRLs
/E/cygwin/%SystemDrive%/Dokumente und Einstellungen/towo/Anwendungsdaten/Microsoft/SystemCertificates/My/CTLs

What's the unresolved Windows variable name %SystemDrive% got to do within setup.exe? And what's setup.exe got to try in those directories anyway?
Again, maybe it's calling some external program for some purpose and gets the wrong version?


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