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Re: [PATCH] Setup.exe: Nicer local package dir browser.

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Nov  4 17:47, Dave Korn wrote:
>>   Overall I think this is a much more friendly user experience.  OK for head?
> In theory, yes, with two tweaks...
>> Index:
>> [...]
>> @@ -213,6 +252,12 @@ LocalDirPage::OnNext ()
>>  	      return IDD_CHOOSE;
>>  	    }
>>  	}
>> +      else if (GetLastError () == ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND)
> Shouldn't this also test for ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND?

  Yes, I think it should, as I just noticed while replying to Thomas Wolff's
post earlier ...

>> +	{
>> +	  if (offer_to_create (GetHWND (), local_dir.c_str()))
> And, the directory should only be created if source != IDC_SOURCE_CWD.
> If you "Install from Local Directory", the directory should exist for
> hopefully obvious reasons.

  I tend toward the give-'em-enough-rope school of coding, which says that if
someone deliberately enters the name of a non-existent directory, and then
clicks a button to agree when you offer to create it, what they are saying is
that they want you to create a fresh empty local package directory for them
and install nothing from it.  But I'll make it fail there instead of offer to
create if you think that's for the best.


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