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Re: [PATCH] Setup.exe: New commandline option --only-site

On Wed, Nov 04, 2009 at 05:47:32PM +0000, Dave Korn wrote:
>    Hello perverts and non-perverts alike!
>  Having recently become a pervert, oops I mean provider, I wanted to provide
>a full turnkey installation on a DVD for offline use, and to avoid confusing
>any cygn00bs among them, I wanted it to have a setup.exe that would just
>install from the provided disk and not scare them with any of that stuff about
>external mirrors.  I also wanted it to work regardless of whether there was an
>existing installation on the local drive or not, and when there was one,
>setup.exe would of course pick up the user settings from it, most of which is
>desirable, but I didn't want them to be shown a whole long list of mirrors and
>have to do something potentially offputting like multi-selecting stuff, nor
>want them to be confused by all these external sites showing up (perhaps not
>realising that the local mirror will have been added right at the very bottom
>of the list and won't be visible without scrolling down).
>  So, the --only-site option lets you invoke setup.exe in locked-down mode
>where the only site it shows is the one you've specified on the command-line
>using the -s option.  It doesn't bother to download the mirrors list, but it
>doesn't update the local mirrors list either, so it won't wipe out any
>existing one.  I didn't make it disable the "Add" button or skip the mirror
>page altogether, because I didn't want to take away the user's "get out of
>jail free card" for when something goes wrong, or if they want to change from
>installing from a local DVD to installing from a network-drive copy of the
>install disk, and besides if you want that then what you're really looking for
>is probably to use full-blown unattended mode, but maybe we might add another
>option in the future that specifies "Unattended mode for everything except the
>package chooser page"?  Anyway, here it is for your consideration.
>	* Add #include of BoolOption header from libgetopt.
>	(OnlySiteOption): New BoolOption for command-line -O option.
>	(get_site_list): Respect BoolOption by not downloading mirror
>	list, nor using nor updating cached mirrors.
>  OK?

Yes.  Looks like a nice addition.


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